August is National Immunization Awareness Month

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It’s National Immunization Awareness Month. Vaccines protect people of all ages. Make it your goal this month to ensure you and your family are up to date on all recommended vaccines.

Advocate Aurora Health encourages you talk to your doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider to ensure you and your family are protected against serious diseases by getting caught up on routine vaccination.

During National Immunization Awareness Month, your faith community can:

Encourage members ages 6 months and older to get their flu and COVID-19 shot. See the CDC Flu Vaccine Finder and other information at

Offer your building as a flu vaccination site. Remember to follow CDC safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our Lady of the Wayside has its annual Flu Shot Clinic on October 1 & 2, before and after all masses in the Gathering Place, hosted by Walgreens.

You Have the Power to Protect

Expectant mothers: getting vaccinated can help protect your baby after birth by passing on antibodies. These antibodies can give your baby short-term protection from flu and whooping cough until it is time for their own vaccines.

Parents: You have the power to protect your children against serious diseases like measles, cancers caused by HPV, and whooping cough. View CDC’s immunization schedule to see which vaccines your children need, whether they are babies or teenagers:

Adults: Vaccines aren’t just for kids. You may need vaccines to protect against whooping cough, flu, pneumonia, and shingles. Ask your doctor about vaccines you may need for your age, health conditions, job, or lifestyle.

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