Farewell From Father Dominic

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Dear Fr. Arthur and my Our Lady of Wayside Family,

Throughout the past twelve months, you have invited me to travel alongside you on the journey of Faith. Together we traveled, filled with love and a generous grace. I will forever treasure and pray for you, and hold Our Lady of the Wayside close to my heart.

I write this message to say Thanks to God, to Fr. Arthur, and to all Parishioners. I was so honored and happy to serve as your Associate Pastor, even if for a short time, and the Love of God and His Grace poured out on us. I am so grateful to have gotten to know Our Lady of Wayside and serve with its staff: Fr. Arthur, Fr. Mark, Father Dan, Deacon Jerry, Deacon Peter, Deacon Paul, Deacon Tom, and Deacon Don. I am grateful to have known and worked with Principal David, Danielle, Ewelina, Chris, Sean, Patricia, Kathy, Arielle, Dan and Regina. I am also thankful to have been invited to participate in ministries, including CFM and the Friday Morning Bible Study Group. God gave me a wonderful opportunity to know all Teachers, School and REP staff, and to work closely with our wonderful students, youth, and parishioners.

With God’s help, we have done many good things. You have invited me into your lives, and we have shared all ministries to serve God and his people. While I am leaving you, there is one who remains constant – Jesus Christ – who has been here from the beginning, and will be with you for the rest of time.

I am excited to serve in my new assignment at St. Edward’s Parish in Chicago. I hope to have the opportunity to visit you and Our Lady of Wayside often. Please visit me at St. Edward when you have a chance. I am so happy to welcome all of you!

Father Dominic Vinh Ha

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