REP Update: Weeks of March 28 & April 5

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Here’s the REP Schedule for the Weeks of March 28 and April 5, 2022

Tuesday, March 29

  • 4 pm, 1st through 4th grade classes meet
  • 7 pm, 5th and 6th grade classes meet

Wednesday, March 30

  • 6:30 pm, Practice for 10 am Confirmation Mass

Thursday, March 31

  • 6:30 pm, Practice for 2 pm Confirmation Mass

Saturday, April 2

  • 10 am and 2 pm Confirmation Masses

Sunday, April 3

  • 9:30 am Family Mass | Prayer Labyrinth | 1st Communion Clothing Drive

Tuesday, April 5

  • 4 pm, 1st through 4th grade classes meet
  • 7 pm, 7th and 8th grade classes meet – Stations of the Cross

Second Pillar: Fasting

Fasting: During Lent, we “give things up” not to torture ourselves, but to free ourselves! By sacrificing things we find pleasurable, we are paying attention to unhealthy attachments, and seeking healthier options.

Family Sacrifice: Consider choosing a ‘family sacrifice,’ like no screen time on Fridays. This is in addition to your individual sacrifices. Keeping up with a family sacrifice will provide all family members with many hidden graces.

Offer Acts of Faith: If your faith life is stale or stagnant, instead of giving up something commit to praying every day instead. Our sacrifices should come from love, not a sense of guilt or obligation.

Social Media: Here’s another challenge: don’t announce your sacrifices on social media. By making your sacrifices privately and without recognition, you are practicing many virtues: generosity, self-control, love, and humility.

From: The 3 Pillars of Lent for Families | Intentional Catholic Parenting

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