RCIA: First Scrutiny

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On March 6th, those on the faith journey to complete the Sacraments of Initiation were called by name at Our Lady of the Wayside and Holy Name Cathedral and became the Elect.  From that moment they entered a period of Purification and Enlightenment which continues through Lent to the Easter Vigil when the sacraments will be conferred.  This period is meant for reflection and examination of the heart and mind.

The Scrutinies are celebrated on the 3rd, 4th and 5th weekends during mass Saturday at 5, Sunday at 9:30, and 11:30, respectively.  Each Scrutiny contains an exorcism, a prayer casting out the spirit of evil, freeing one from sin.  Each is related to the Gospel.

Please pray for the Elect as they continue their journey to becoming full members of the Church, the Body of Christ.

To meet two, of four, Elect in this year’s RCIA Program, click here.


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