Year in Review: The Sacramental Life at OLW

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It has been an exciting sacramental year – despite the continuing challenges of the pandemic – as families continue to come to Our Lady of the Wayside Parish for sacraments. Specifically with baptisms and funerals, we had to do some catch-up due to the 2020 shutdown and people not feeling comfortable returning to church immediately after reopening.

Here is a recap of the past three years. Note: All data are based on a calendar year.

1A Convalidation is when a couple has their civil marriage validated in the Catholic Church making it a sacramental marriage.

2In 2021 we began documenting memorial services that take place at funeral homes and cemetery chapels. While a funeral is not a sacrament, bereavement is an important ministry of the church.

3For the period June to December 2021, we are often the first call from Northwest Community Hospital and skilled care facilities in the area.


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