REP Update: Weeks of January 31 & February 7

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Here’s the REP Schedule for Weeks of January 31 & February 7, 2022

Tuesday, February 1

  • 4 pm, 1st through 4th grade classes meet
  • 7 pm, 7th and 8th grade classes meet
  • Homily Evaluation #5 due – 8th grade
  • Saint Paper, Letter to the Bishop, and Ribbon due – 8th grade

Tuesday, February 8

  • 4 pm, 1st through 4th grades – NO CLASS
  • 7 pm, 5th and 6th grade classes meet

How Does God Share His Life with Us?

God shares his life with us in three ways: through the liturgy, sacraments, and sacramentals.

Liturgy is the Church’s participation in the work of Jesus Christ. We participate in the work of Jesus Christ when we worship at Mass, where we sing, pray, hear the scripture of the day, and celebrate the Eucharist. Sacraments are special signs through which we receive God’s grace. Some sacraments we receive only once, like baptism and confirmation. Some sacraments we can receive daily like reconciliation and Holy Communion. Students, check out your text to learn why the 7 sacraments are divided into 3 categories. Sacramentals are objects or action that have been blessed to help us open our hearts to receive God’s grace. Holy water, rosaries, prayer cards, saint medals and statues, candles, and crucifixes are examples of sacramentals. From: Christ in Us (REP text)

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