Evangelization Begins in Your Home

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In my November 7 article, I talked about the need for us to find God in our life by looking for “The Truth.” Today I want to talk about the need for us to help the next generation to find that “Truth” in their life and what it means to them.

Most of us recognize that today it is more difficult to raise our children in our faith than it was in previous generations. We have fine schools (especially at Our Lady of the Wayside), but the outside influences from “social media” can be quite confusing for our children. What can we do, because “if the parents are not responsible for their children, then who is?” Those words were spoken by an inner-city mother about some of the issues she faces raising her family.

Our Catholic Family

As we begin our Advent journey and also start our first OLW Family Mass, I thought that it would be good to revisit one of St. Pope John Paul II’s letters that focuses on the value of the family in our Catholic faith.

  1. Our example is where everything starts. He writes that “The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” The future of our family passes by our personal example. There’s an old saying that “The fruit does not fall from the tree”, or for those of us who remember the 70”s – “The Cat’s in the Cradle.”
  2. We can’t outsource our role as primary educator. At Baptism the celebrant says, “You have asked to have you child baptized.” We are accepting the responsibility of training the child in the practice of the faith. Familiaris Consortio reminds us of our responsibility to guide the faith development of our children.
  3. Our family is a “Little Church.” Our home is a “Little Church” where we live our faith in our daily life. our homes need to offer our children an immersive experience in the Faith. A home altar or prayer corner, icons, a crucifix — these and other visuals, help to deepen our families’ faith life.
  4. Our family is on a mission. If our family is a “domestic church,” then it follows that we have been entrusted with what St. John Paul II calls a “missionary task.

“The future of evangelization,” he writes, “depends in great part on the Church of the home.” We have a very important role to play – it starts at birth and lasts throughout our life.

Fortunately, at OLW we have many fine programs to assist the parents and children in their faith growth, including – OLW youth ministry; Religious Education (R.E.P.); Little Saints Pray and Play; periodic Missions; and our Christian Family Movement (C.F.M.), new members are always welcome! Please see the bulletin for additional information on these and other programs.

We are all God’s Children

As we deal with our family and church faith and support, we need to remember we are all part of God’s family. There is not a shortage of need – there is a shortage of volunteers and resources.

We are called to share our good fortune in life with those that are less fortunate, those that are lonely, those that just need an ear to listen and encourage them. There is also giving of your time. Volunteering, spending time with someone who is alone.

“The Truth” is Jesus Christ

We are nourished when we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus in the celebration of the (Mass) Eucharist. As a result of the Covid pandemic many of us have watched the Mass on TV. But for most of us, if we follow the guidelines, it’s safe for us to celebrate Mass in person. Watching Mass on TV is like seeing your favorite star in a movie or on TV as opposed to meeting the person in person. Jesus is present to us through the Eucharist.

I look forward to seeing you at Mass.

Have a Blessed Advent Season!

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