Special Bulletin Covers for Advent/Christmas Season

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For Advent and Christmas, we are doing something different with our bulletin covers.

Rather than continue to run tried-(tired?)-and-true stock art covers, we opted for something more interactive — something that would spring our local artists into action.

We invited OLW School and REP 3rd-5th graders to contribute artwork for the season and, to our delight, we quickly received many wonderful drawings!  The first will grace the front cover of our bulletin the First Sunday of Advent (November 28), and we’ll continue to feature student artwork on our bulletin covers throughout the Season.

Additionally — because we received more submissions than we have available covers — we will also run a compilation of ALL submissions on this web site in the near future.  Stay tuned for a photo gallery!

We can’t wait to showcase the imaginations and creativity of our wonderful School and REP students.  Thank you to all who participated and supported this effort!

Don’t miss Sunday’s Bulletin 🙂

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