Congratulations Jim & Carol Stuber: Christifideles Award Recipients

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Father Arthur Marat, parish staff, and Our Lady of the Wayside parishioners extend heartfelt congratulations and deep gratitude to Jim and Carol Stuber, recipients of the 2021 Christifideles Award.

From Father Arthur:

“As Catholics we are called to love Christ before all things and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Love of Christ and charity toward our neighbor are no mere abstraction; God places before us concrete people to serve and to love in very real circumstances.

This past year, our parish community faced unimaginable challenges and unforeseen events in the wake of a global pandemic. In the face of such an unexpected trial, some people lose their faith, while others seize the difficulty as an opportunity to live out the faith more deeply. As the pastor of Our Lady of the Wayside, I had the privilege to witness time and again throughout the past year the amazing and generous manner in which parishioners gave of themselves daily to reach out to and serve the members of our parish community. Such dedication and selflessness comes only from a deep devotion to Christ, the sacraments, and a life lived with faith.

Every year, the Archdiocese of Chicago honors those who deserve particular recognition for their inspiring faith and fidelity to Christ with the Christifideles Award. This year, I am delighted to congratulate Jim and Carol Stuber for their selfless dedication to God and others within our wonderful parish community. Jim, Carol, and their beautiful family embody the Christian call not only to follow Christ in the vocation of marriage and family, but also by going out and sharing the good news within the community, even and especially in difficult times when the witness of living and trusting faith is more important than ever!”

“Jim and I were completely shocked and humbled to receive this award. There are so many dedicated ministry volunteers who are equally — if not more — deserving,” said Carol Stuber. “The contributions of many is what makes Our Lady of the Wayside such a special parish.”

About Jim & Carol Stuber:

  • Parishioners since 2006 (15 years)
  • They have three children: Sophia, a high school sophomore and 2020 Graduate of OLW School, Ben,  an 8th grader and Anna, a 7th grader, in OLW School
  • Longtime members of Christian Family Movement (CFM) and 2021/2022 Chair couple.
  • Carol is the Co-director of the RCIA program
  • Jim was active in Cub Scout Pack 161
  • Planners, coordinators and participants in the 2021 Parish Ministry Fair
  • Planners, coordinators and participants in the 2021 Outdoor Family Mass of Joy & Thanksgiving
  • Instrumental in leading the 65th Anniversary parish photo directory in 2017

About the Christifideles Award:

This award is bestowed upon Catholic laypeople who demonstrate the personal and ministerial renewal called for by the papal exhortation, Christifideles Laici, calling the laity to the vocation of responsibility for the Church’s life springing from the gift and mission of their baptism by participation in parish life.

Each individual (or married couple) is a practicing Catholic who manifests an understanding of the teachings of the Church and has been graced with a life formed in the Catholic spiritual tradition. The individual has used his/her talents to deepen the life of the Church in the parish or has served in an extraordinary way the ministry of the parish.

The award nomination was advanced by our pastor, Father Arthur Marat, in consultation with our school principal, David Wood, and was affirmed by the Most Rev. Jeffrey S. Grob, Vicar, Vicariate I.

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