Gathering Place Courtyard Looking Sharp

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Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous Our Lady of the Wayside donor, the Gathering Place courtyard and area between our church and school received a much-needed spa day.  Weeds were pulled, beautiful flowers were planted, overgrown hedges were trimmed, soil was turned, mulch was added and shrubs were cleaned up.

This beautification didn’t go unnoticed. Several parishioners commented to parish staff on how coiffed the courtyard looks again, and how truly grateful they are for the donor’s generosity and parish pride.

The clean new look was also appreciated by parish staff.  “This generous donation of landscaping our Gathering Place Courtyard couldn’t have come at a more opportune time,” said Ewelina Sokolowski, OLW’s Operations Director. “With the many capital projects happening in our parish buildings, it feels great to have a parishioner recognize the need, and support the upkeep of our grounds. We still have so much to do on our campus and such acts of generosity motivates us to plan and budget accordingly.”

Our Lady of the Wayside staff and parishioners wish to extend our deepest gratitude to the anonymous donor who gifted our parish this landscaping project. You are a #differencemaker!


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