Outdoor Family Mass: Top 10 Calls to Action Checklist

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Father Arthur and the entire OLW parish staff are DELIGHTED that nearly 600 parishioners and visitors are registered to participate in our Outdoor Family Mass of Joy & Thanksgiving this  Sunday at 11:30 am. If you have not yet registered but plan to come, please do so! We’d love to include you and/or your family at this historic Pentecost Mass for our parish.


  1. COME EARLY so you can find a good place to sit before mass begins, particularly if you need to sit on a chair.  200 folding chairs will be available – most of which will located beneath two large canopies.
  2. STAY HYDRATED. It might be hot Sunday. We plan to have some bottled water available but bring your own if you have it, to be sure.
  3. BRING LAWN CHAIRS AND/OR BLANKETS to sit on! The vast majority of mass participants will be sitting on what they bring with them.
  4. SIT TIGHT immediately following mass so we can take a panoramic group photo and video (from the school roof) of all who attended. We’d like to capture this event for OLW posterity. And why wouldn’t we?
  5. ENJOY Coffee and Donuts after we take the group photo. Donuts will be individually (and lovingly) wrapped, and there will be a LOT of them!
  6. PLEASE BRING YOUR CAMERA OR MOBILE PHONE and take photos. Photographers needed! Email your best ones to Sean Reilly, Director of Communications, at We will post them to our website after mass for all to enjoy. The more the better!
  7. Please bring and wear your facemask at all times. The Archdiocese still asks that we do so (for the time being). Bring and use hand sanitizer if you have it. Hand sanitizer will also be available on site. Please be mindful of social distancing. We want everyone to be joyous (and safe) at, and after, this wonderful mass.
  8. This is a RAIN or SHINE Mass. Unless God instructs us to build an arc (or lightning) the plan is to celebrate this mass OUTDOORS. Bring an umbrella, rain gear, and your rubber ducky if necessary.
  9. If the Weather doesn’t allow the mass to take place outdoors, Plan B is to scramble into our church. Please note that we cannot accommodate 500+ folks in church due to COVID restrictions. If need be, we will livestream the 11:30 mass so all can attend, even if only virtually.

If you’re not already registered, click here:

Our Lady of the Wayside Pray for Us! Holy Spirit, breathe on all who attend this Pentecost Mass, on Father Arthur, on all staff, ministries and volunteers who are making this mass possible, and on all members of our great parish!

See you at Mass 🙂

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