Religious Education Program Update

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The 2020-21 REP classes other than second grade have been completed and we thank all our REP families for their support this past year. We realize how difficult the online situation is for our families, but we are most grateful for the support of the students from their families as well as the dedicated and creative work supplied by our Catechists this year. We are so fortunate and blessed to have had their continued work teaching and guiding the REP students. We look forward to a new year in September and pray all families will have a safe and healthy summer.

REP Grade 2 – An email was sent with specific details about class. Second graders will have in-person classes on Tuesday, April 20 and April 27. The second grade REP students are asked to come to class beginning at 4:00 pm in the Church. Please have your student also bring their Blessed First Communion as well as their blue My Mass Book.

We will be practicing with the second graders in preparation for First Communion Masses. Practice will be for one hour. Parents are asked to drop off their REP second grader at the front entrance of the church. Pickup will be in the same location at 5:00 pm. Masks must be worn at all times. We will check students in and sanitize their hands.

Registrations were sent to all families who do not have a REP balance open on their account. Please return completed forms by April 30th to ensure we can order books and supplies in a timely fashion. If you are unsure about your account balance, please email and Mrs. Dickey can help you in that regard. Parents whose children will be new to the program are asked to turn in their registration form along with a copy of their child’s Baptismal Certificate.

If you know of a family with students entering 1st or 6th grade, please share information regarding our program:


  • Students entering Grade 2 must have had formal religious instruction the previous year, otherwise they will be placed in Grade 1.
  • Grade 2 is a sacrament year, as students will receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist for the first time.
  • Students entering Grade 7 must have had formal religious instruction in Grade 6 before being accepted into the Grades 7-8 Confirmation Preparation Program.


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