Shout out of Gratitude to our Pew Cleaners!

Posted on March 30, 2021 by Published by

In an ongoing effort to offset or slow the deterioration of our church pews due to the daily disinfection they receive, Kathy O’Neill assembled a hard-working team of volunteers who lovingly removed sticky residue using fine steel wool, and then lemon oiled each pew to restore their shine.

This afternoon, thirteen volunteers accomplished in one hour, what Kathy and Regina labored for many, many hours to accomplish last month.


A HUGE shout out of gratitude to our OLW #differencemakers.  If you see any of these great folks in church, or on our parish campus, please be sure to extend your gratitude to them.

What happens behind the scenes in our parish oftentimes goes unnoticed, or not fully appreciated.  The effort many OLW volunteers extend to keep our doors open and our church safe, beautifully decorated and looking its best is truly is amazing!

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