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Classes resume Tuesday, March 30

  • Grades 1-4 Virtual Classes beginning at 4:00 PM
  • Grades 5-6 Virtual Classes beginning 7:00 PM

Friday, April 2 is Good Friday. The school and REP are closed in observance.

Classes for the Remaining REP 2020-2021 Year are as follows:

Grades 1, 3, 4 Last (Virtual) Class is Tuesday, April 13.

Grade 2 will have in-person classes on Tuesday, April 6, April 13, April 20 and April 27. The second grade REP students are asked to come to class beginning at 4:00 in the Church. We will be practicing with the second graders in preparation for First Communion Masses. Practice will be for one hour. Parents are asked to drop off their REP second grader at the front entrance of the church. Pickup will be in the same location at 5:00. Masks must be worn at all times. We will check students in and sanitize their hands.

Grades 7-8 Last Class is Tuesday, April 6. A special class for the 8th graders will be held on the last day. We will be sending out a special Zoom link for these students for their last class.

Grades 5-6 Last (Virtual) Class is Tuesday, April 13.

Registration forms for REP will be mailed this week and are asked to be returned by April 30. Families new to the program are asked to return their registrations along with a copy of the child’s baptismal certificate. Any family currently in our program who does has not paid tuition and fees in full will not receive a registration packet until the family account is a zero balance. Please call the REP office, 847-398-5011 or email if in doubt.

Sacramental Policy:

Grade 2 is a sacramental year. Students are to have had one year of formal REP education or have attended a Catholic school in first grade to enter second grade preparation.

Grade 8 is a Confirmation year. Students are to have had grades 6 and 7 formal class preparation to begin Confirmation preparation in 8th grade. Students are to attend classes with limited absences if they wish to be Confirmed in 8th grade.

Click on the link to access the registration paperwork. Complete Registration Packet For 2021 2022

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