OLW School Update: #KeepingTraditions

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With such a caring and connected community, we often have parents or parishioners come into the classroom to speak to our students. With modern technology, we can still do that.

Dr. Grant Trunell continued his work each year to talk to our preschoolers about good dental hygiene.
Mrs. Sue Finucane spoke to the 5th graders during their engineering unit in Science class. The students were discussing artificial limbs in class and she manages the Center for Bionic Medicine, a prosthetic research lab within the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. She Zoomed in to both classrooms one day and talked about different types of engineering, how to develop and test prosthetic devices and how those with limb loss are using devices

In their daily life. Our students were very interested and asked thoughtful questions. We are grateful to our school and parish community for always wanting to help our students grow.

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