“Opening Our Doors” Update: New Church Video System

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In Phase 1 of our “Opening Our Doors to the Future” matching funds campaign, we are upgrading our video capability by installing a new video system in our Church.

The new system’s “heart” is a high-powered desktop computer that will replace the far less-capable laptop computer currently sitting on our altar.  The “eyes” of the new system are three fully robotic, broadcast quality cameras, driven by remote control and special software that allows recording and video live-streaming of masses.  In addition, we are adding a small, congregation-facing camera and a portable video camera to not only be used in our church, but also in OLW School and at other parish events.

“Video has proven vitally important in these pandemic times and will remain so, long into the future,” shared our Pastor, Fr. Arthur Marat.  “It is a powerful communication and evangelization tool without compare. Where would our parish be in these pandemic times if we were unable to live-stream masses for parishioners who cannot attend in person?  800-1200 parishioners normally attend each Christmas Mass.  We are currently limited to only 125 live worshipers per mass.  Video live-streaming of Christmas Masses is essential this year. Can you imagine not being able to attend OLW Christmas Mass at least virtually, if not in-person?”

“With this new, high-end, video capability, we will be in a much stronger position to stream and record weekend and daily masses, school masses, Christmas masses, First Communion and Confirmation masses plus funerals and weddings,” said Sean Reilly, OLW Director of Communications. “We also plan to record and stream additional Church services such as Adoration, Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, Missions, and more,” added Deacon Peter LeTourneau, Director of Parish Liturgy & Evangelization.  “Another benefit of transitioning to this new system is we’ll reclaim our Altar by removing all the distracting equipment and wires currently cluttering the space,” he added.

The “circulatory system” of this new video upgrade will be a fiberoptic backbone, replacing the slower and less-reliable cable Internet connection currently powering our parish campus.  “The increase in Internet speed and stability will help prevent technical issues, such as dropped video-streamed masses when our school is sharing bandwidth with e-learning,” said Ewelina Sokolowski, OLW Operations Director. “Many parishes have already adopted, or are planning to upgrade to, fiberoptic solutions as data demand increases. Fiberoptic is the future,” she added.

Additional Phases of technology upgrades are already planned for our church and parish.  More on that later.

All of this would not be possible without the insight (and very generous commitment of $50,000) from an OLW parishioner on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis (providing $100,000 of potential revenue for this fundraiser).  Our future depends on your generosity.  May we count on your support?

Donations can be made:


Through GiveCentral at:

By Mail or In Person:

OLW Parish
Attn: Opening Our Doors Fund
434 W. Park Street
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Or by contacting:

Sean Reilly
Director of Communications
(224) 518-1777

Deacon Peter LeTourneau
Director of Parish Liturgy & Evangelization
(224) 518-1779


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