Another “Phishing” Attempt Reported

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The Father Arthur email impersonators are at it again…

Please disregard any email you receive from someone masquerading as Father Arthur using a fictitious Gmail addresses.  For the record, our pastor does NOT use Gmail.  These emails are not from Father and, instead, are from unscrupulous types looking to take financial advantage of our parishioners.

The two offending email addresses this time appear to be from:


The subject line reads: “Blessings”

The message reads: “Hi, How Are You Doing? I Need An Assistance From You, Email Me As Soon As You Get This Message. Peace, Father Artur Marat”

We have reported the abuse to Google (Gmail).  Just hit “delete” on your end. 

To learn more about what “Phishing” is, and how to not fall prey to it, click on the short video below.

Stay safe out there Waysiders!


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