Our Church Grounds Renewed and Refreshed

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Thank you to all who helped last Saturday to make the OLW patio, rectory space, church and school entrances look so much better and more welcoming!  This “Autumn Action” by Christian Family Movement (CFM) took place because OLW parishioner Joe Farwell recognized a need to spruce up the gardens and asked for support.  We are grateful for our CFM members who responded and other parishioners who enthusiastically joined us.

It was hard work to do the necessary weeding, shrub trimming, raking, and mulching but so rewarding to see the outcome.  Many tools and materials were loaned or donated:  mulch, garden waste bags, (then more mulch and more bags), power washers, leaf blowers, other power tools and all kinds of gardening tools.  Thank you to all who volunteered time and labor and those who generously contributed materials and tools to get the job done.

A note of appreciation to the volunteers who donated the beautiful fall planters.  The floral arrangements are a joy to look at!  They are brightening up the church and school entrances on Park, Mitchell and Ridge Streets.  Thank you for your creativity and generosity.

Finally, a huge thank you to Joe Farwell for envisioning a more welcoming outdoor space at OLW, especially now during this pandemic when the church has reopened and school children are back in the classrooms.  Not only did Joe work with everyone outside Saturday, he recently repaired the stone water fountain on the patio. The water is flowing again and a small ring of lights inside the fountain light it up at night.  Joe also arranged for arborists to trim the branches on the trees before our work began on Saturday.  He is currently looking at possibilities for installing solar lights to illuminate the patio gardens and walkways in the evenings.

Enjoy the attached photographs showing some of the work when it was in progress, some of the finished patio gardens, and the fall planters.



Thank you,

Kathy & Chuck Wilk, CFM Action Coordinators 2020-2021


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