Camp WOW 2021, A No-Go

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Dear Middle School Families:

It is with great sadness that we inform you that we will not be participating in Camp WOW again next year (summer of 2021). The Youth Ministers from all four parishes have discussed, prayed, and have taken into account all of the information available to us at this time. Considering the continuing situation with COVID-19, our main concern and topic of consideration is the safety of all the kids, their families, our high school counselors, and our volunteers.

Dickson Valley Campground, where Camp WOW is held, has not determined what they plan to do for the summer of 2021; they won’t come to a decision until sometime in January. This does not leave us enough time to recruit, plan, train, or prepare for a successful camp. We also have no idea when the “No Overnight” restrictions will be lifted for youth events.

We would very much like to do “something” for our middle schoolers, but at the present time and given what we know (or rather what we don’t know) about the pandemic, it is hard to plan anything. We fully intend to keep monitoring the situation and to try to creatively come up with some sort of alternative that is doable, affordable and above all safe for everyone.

Know that your families continue to be in our prayers. Stay healthy and safe.

God Bless,

Arielle Joaquin
Director of Youth Ministry

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