Bible Blessings for REP and OLW 6th Graders

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The curriculum for both the school and REP students in sixth grade focuses on the Bible and scripture as a means to learning more deeply about the Catholic faith and the history through the books of the bible. The Holy Bible is  the key to  learning about God, his plans for us, and how he has worked through history for our salvation.

Our sixth graders in both REP and OLW School traditionally receive a Bible on the first full day of school while participating in a Bible Blessing Prayer service. Unfortunately, with the Corona Virus this year we were unable to have this service.

However, Father Marat did perform a blessing for the Bibles so that when the students participate in their classroom service, they will still reap the benefits of the traditional Service and receive a blessed Bible to use in their classroom work.

We thank Father for his time in blessing these learning tools for the students.

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