Beware of Email SCAM Targeting OLW Parishioners

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It has come to our attention that someone is targeting OLW parishioners with an email SCAM.  The person has already emailed several parishioners, impersonating Father Marat, using this email: “”  The email asks for “assistance” and that you “respond to my email as soon as possible.”  The scammer is attempting to deceive parishioners into sending gift cards, supposedly for a parish cause.

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL.  This is not Father’s correct email address.  Instead, either erase the email or forward it to and then erase it.  We will handle things from there.

This was the text of the initial SCAM email…

From: (note: false email address)
Subject: BlessingsHi, How Are You Doing?  I Need An Assistance From You, Email Me As Soon As You Get This Message. Hope to hear from you soonPeace,
Father Artur Marat

Please note this is a common email phishing scam and, as long as you do not communicate with the scammer, there should be no further cause for concern.  You may wish to block any further emails from this false email address if you know how to do so.

If further updates or information become available, we will let you know through our website, email and/or Facebook communications channels.

Many thanks for your attention to this matter.

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