Live Weekday Masses To Be Celebrated

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In an ongoing effort to meet the spiritual needs of our faithful, Father Arthur Marat announced that Our Lady of The Wayside will open its doors to congregants wishing to participate in Weekday Mass and receive Holy Communion.

Weekday Mass will be offered on Mondays and Tuesdays, beginning July 20 and 21, and be offered on subsequent Mondays and Tuesdays into the foreseeable future.  “I’d like to thank our reopening team of  volunteers who are making this possible.  We couldn’t expand our mass offerings without the generous support of our set-up, greeter and clean-up teams,” said Father Arthur.

Weekday Mass will be offered to 50 congregants and, with all Church events, preregistration is mandatory.  Preregistration for Monday and Tuesday masses each week will be offered beginning at 7:00 am the previous Friday (just like Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses).

Click here for more information and for mass registration links.

Strict social distancing is practiced at all OLW masses.  Face masks are mandatory and we ask that you bring hand sanitizer if you have it.

For those not quite ready to attend live Weekday Mass, particularly those who may be in the ‘most vulnerable’ population, you may continue to attend Weekday Mass virtually, as before.  All masses will continue to be live-streamed on our Facebook page and offered for “on-demand” viewing on the OLW website after.

Hope to see you in church!

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