Father Arthur’s Homily April 26 – Love Each Other As I Have Loved You

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My brothers and sisters, thanks to Jesus we know what love is. Thanks to Jesus we also know WHO Love is. We know that God is Love, and God longs for man. Yet, He does not long for just any person. God, in His Love longs for you. He longs for each of us in a very personal way. Each of us is someone with whom God has fallen in love and laid down His life.

Especially in these weeks ahead, in order to experience God’s love we must endure many difficulties and trials. Sometimes He allows us to be tempted to sin in order to test our love for and faithfulness to Him. Why does God allow us to experience many difficulties and trials? Because He Himself experienced many difficulties and trials. In order to show us His Love – a Love that is given for free, without preference and without measure – God became Man in Jesus Christ . He also suffered and died for us. Each of us who is baptized is called to follow Jesus’ example. When Jesus died for us, he proved His Love for us. Well, if we are to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, then this means that we must first fall in love with Him, and then die for Love of Him. We, too must prove our love for Him, just as He proved His Love for us. This is what sanctity is all about.

Jesus is our best Friend. And those whom He Loves, meaning our neighbors, are also our friends. On this Sunday, my brothers and sisters, I would like to invite you to contemplate God’s Love. I would like to invite you to ask yourselves whether or not you have truly fallen in love with God and if you are ready to prove Your love for Him, even by giving your life for Him. If you discover that you are not ready – that you have not fallen in love with God, then do not be afraid. Simply ask Him for the grace to discover how He has fallen in Love with you. When you truly discover how He has fallen in Love with you, then You will be ready to give Your life out of love for Him and for others.

“My command is this LOVE each other as I have loved you.”
John 15:12

Rev. Artur Marat

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