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CFM is a parish based small faith group that has been around for decades. Our Lady of the Wayside has one of the oldest and the largest CFM groups in the nation. Here are five of the top reasons why you should join CFM.

CFM is a great way to connect with other people. You can meet people of different ages and stages of their life in a faith-based environment. Whether you enjoy lively discussions or prefer to listen, the small group is a great place to get to know others. Meetings are structured to provide time for socialization, time to pray, time for Scripture reflection and time to develop actions to help others. Items dis-cussed in the meeting are confidential and you can feel free to discuss issues that are troubling you.

CFM is a great way to strengthen your family. The small group format provides opportunities for spouses to talk about kids, or other family issues and listen to how others have dealt with these issues when their kids were young.  The opportunity to pray together in a small group reinforces that others have the same desires for faith, the same or similar family concerns. You are not alone.

CFM is family oriented no matter what your family looks like. Small groups include not only married couples but also single parents, single people, widows and widowers and even engaged couples. In fact, anyone can join who wants to look at issues from a Christian family perspective.

CFM is like an extended family. As you develop close friendships through CFM you naturally help, with meals for a new mom, support for a family that has lost a loved one or in many other ways that show you are connected to the other members.

CFM provides opportunities to help others beyond the group. The ACT portion of the CFM meeting is a way for the small group, and in some cases the Parish wide CFM group, to help others. Each chapter will have suggested activities that are intended as thought starters. The group and you as members of the group develop actions which range from helping an elderly neighbor with their lawn to developing a regular feeding program at a homeless shelter to collecting items for various needs in the community.

To sign up or ask a question, please email: or call 224-213-9345.

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