Men’s Saturday Morning Lenten Retreat #1, Mar 9, 7:30am

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Lent – A Time to Renew!

During Lent we focus inwardly on our sinfulness and restoring our relationship with God in preparation for the passion, death and resurrection of Holy Week.  We do this to prepare ourselves to participate in His glory revealed to us by Jesus on Easter Sunday.  Our sins create a break in our relationship with God and his community.  When our relationship is strong, we find that our temptation to sin is minimized.  This session will explore our relationship with God through Matthew’s Gospel of the Epiphany of our Lord.  The characters of King Herod, the scribes and chief priests and the magi all have something to teach us about a relationship with God.  We will see how this scripture passage challenges us to choose the right relationship.  Deacon Mike will share what the preacher to Pope Francis, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa, had to say to the over 250 US bishops on their recent week-long retreat in Mundelein.  What does Jesus reveal to us today, and how do we respond to that with our relationships.


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