CFM Announcements September 2019

Welcome to our first meeting this Friday.  We will cover:

Chapter 1: Family as Church in the World: Living Courageously (See Attached: Chapter 1)

September 2019 Meeting

This Friday, September 13 is our first CFM meeting. Your folder has a copy of the first chapter, and it is also attached here.  The CFM books will be distributed at the first meeting this week.  Please take time to review the chapter and reflect on the Observe, Judge and Act pieces of the reading.

Bring a check made out to Arlington Area CFM to your meeting for the annual membership fee of $75/couple or $40/single. An application is in the front pocket of your folder.

At the meeting, your Leader will pass around a ‘Host Sign-up Sheet’ for you to have the opportunity to host the monthly CFM Meeting.  Please check your calendars if you would like to host.  

Also, please take a moment to verify your contact information in the folder.  Your leader will pass around a sheet for you to mark up with any corrections.  Updated contact sheets will be distributed electronically.

The Leader’s Meeting will start promptly at 7:00 p.m. in the Gathering Space in order to get the Leader Couples to the host homes by 8:00 p.m. to start the group meetings by 8:15 p.m. We know that babysitters are used by many of our members, and we want to get everyone home in time to meet those curfews and get the sitters home on time.

Open Front Page

If you are interested in being a front page CFM Member, there are open positions for Social and Action coordinators.  Please see the Loy’s or Ourednik’s for more information.

Thank You

Thank you to the Membership Team (Jim and Carol Stuber) for recruiting new members and putting together the groups. 

Thank you also to Kathleen and Les Miller who conducted a wonderful Leader Training at the end of August for the Leader Couples.  

Lasagna Dinner Friday, September 20, 7 p.m.

Please make plans to attend our first CFM event of the year. Thanks to the Piergalski group for hosting us. More details at your group’s meeting!

Additional Attachments:

Women’s Welcome (CRHP); CFM Babysitter List; Chapter 1 – CFM; Lasagna Dinner Invitation

Here’s to a great new CFM year,

John and Christina Ourednik 

2019-2020 Chaircouple