CFM Announcements October 2020

This Friday, October 2nd at 7:30PM is our monthly group CFM meeting.

Please remember to keep Mike and Molly Wolfe in your prayers as they mourn the loss of Mike’s mom, Ellarita Wolfe

We will be covering Chapter 2 “Call to Family, Community and Participation” in the Love in Action program books.

The chapter can also be found on the National CFM website (

If you are part of a Hybrid group, your Leader Couple will let you know where you are meeting (either outside or inside at the OLW campus, or virtually) We will make the decision based on the weather forecast at 5:00PM on Friday.

If you are part of a Virtual group, or a hybrid group meeting virtually this month, here is the information you need to join your meeting on Friday at 7:30 PM
Join Zoom Meeting

Actions for October
The October CFM Action is to make a strong commitment to family time and also find ways to participate in the Church and community. See the attachment for twelve activities that Catholic families may do together during October. (A few activities may need modifications due to Covid 19 restrictions.) Have fun!
Our own Don Piergalski, a long time CFM family member, has been donating his time and energy to the St. Mark’s Food Pantry for years. In order to stream line his volunteers, he has set up a Signup Genius (organized by Erin Berwick. Thanks Erin!!!) Please follow the link below and sign up to help either collect food on a Sunday morning or deliver food on a Saturday morning. The Signup Genius explains it all! Thanks, in advance!!!
St. Mark’s Food Pantry Signup

Questions? Please email or call us! or 847-274-2436 (Kathy’s cell)
Looking forward to a great meeting!
Blessings & Peace John & Kathy Loy ~ CFM Chair couple 2020-2021
“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only” ~James 1:22