CFM Announcements December 2022

Hi All,
Our next meeting is Friday, December 2. We will be covering Chapter 4: The CFM Family: Making Life Choices by Informing our Conscience. Please utilize the below Sign-Up Genius link to let your leaders know if you will be in attendance.

Kathleen Miller has provided the below suggestions ahead of the meeting:

It might be helpful (and enjoyable) for all of us to watch Fr. Mike Schmidt’s little video on conscience:

Also, our program book suggests that participants read some (very brief) sections of the Catechism before the meeting:
2270 (abortion)
2273 (human dignity)
2276 (euthanasia)
A handy place to find them is:

Open Leadership Role: As a reminder, we are still looking for an assistant chair for this year/ Chair for next year. Please continue to pray on your ability to serve in these roles. Reach out with any questions you may have on what the role entails.

Have a great week!

Tarah and Jason Sikkenga
CFM Chair Couple 2022-2023