CFM Announcements December 2021

Hello CFM Family!

 Meeting Four

Our fourth meeting is scheduled this Friday, December 3 at 8 PM.  Please take some time to familiarize yourselves with Chapter 4: Righteousness, including the Observe, Judge and Act sections.  

 Moving forward, let’s continue to try to identify an Act that comes out of your group discussions.  Our goal is to share your ideas with all of CFM, Saturday, following our meeting.  

 The Leader’s Meeting will start promptly at 7 p.m. via ZOOM (link to be sent separately) to get the Leader Couples to the host homes by 8 p.m. to start group meetings by 8:15. We want to be sensitive to those families that have sitters at home with curfews.

 At your earliest convenience, please let your group leaders know if you plan to attend Friday’s meeting.  It allows hosts to plan their hospitality in advance.  

 Thanksgiving Agape

We’re happy to report that the Thanksgiving Agape mass and reception was very well attended.  We thank the Zimmerman group for organizing such a wonderful event following Mass.  It appeared everyone enjoyed themselves before heading out to baste their turkeys.  

 Save the Date!

Thanks to the Zimmermann’s we will have an evening of reflection this year.  January 11, Father Rocky from Relevant Radio will give a talk on family life and the Beatitudes.  Additionally, in keeping with his mission, we have the opportunity to take part in praying the Family Rosary across America.  The rosary will be broadcast live from Our Lady of the Wayside Church.  We plan to welcome other churches to take part in this event with us.

 CFM has been charged with planning a reception following the talk and rosary.  More details to come on what that will entail.  Stay tuned… we will definitely need volunteers.  ;  )

 Group Action

The Sherry group is scheduled to deliver food to Saint Marks, December 18.  Please secure details from your group leader.

 Meal Assistance & Ride Request

A dear member of our CFM family is having surgery this week on her back, impairing her ability to get around for a while.  Please click the link below for details on how you can help with meal delivery and/or rides for her daughter to/from REP class and mass on Sundays.  Thank you so much for your consideration!

Meal Train Plus for The Cardinal Family

Enjoy your meeting!

Carol & Jim Stuber

CFM Chair Couple, 2021-2022