CFM Announcements December 2020

This Friday, December 4 at 7:30 PM is our monthly group CFM meeting.

We will be covering Chapter 4 “Option for the Poor and Vulnerable” in the Love in Action program books. The chapter can also be found on the National CFM website (

Here is the information you need to join our meeting on Friday at 7:30 PM:

December Actions:

Attached is a Reverse Advent Calendar and instructions. Instructions emphasize that items may be dropped off at the home of Chuck and Kathy Wilk from Sunday, Dec. 20 through Weds., Dec. 23. They will deliver to the food pantries on Mon. through Thursday that week. The second page provides information on four area food pantries including their collection schedules if you find that information useful.

Also attached please find a children’s Advent Calendar, a PDF copy from Loyola is attached to this email.
If you can, use the link below to the webpage for an inspirational photograph of other children modeling the action for the given day. It is really nice!

St. Mark’s Food Pantry
Our own Don Piergalski, a long time CFM family member, has been donating his time and energy to the St. Mark’s Food Pantry for years. In order to stream line his volunteers, he has set up a Signup Genius (organized by Erin Berwick. Thanks Erin!!!) Please follow the link below and sign up to help either collect food on a Sunday morning or deliver food on a Saturday morning. The Signup Genius explains it all! Thanks, in advance!!!  Click here:
St. Mark’s Food Pantry Signup

Questions? Please email or call us! or 847-274-2436 (Kathy’s cell)
Looking forward to a great meeting!

Blessings & Peace John & Kathy Loy ~ CFM Chair couple 2020-2021
“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only” ~James 1:22