CFM Announcements December 2018

This Friday, December 7 is the date for our fourth CFM meeting for the year. The reading for this month is Chapter 4, “Transforming Discipleship through Education and Action”. Please take time to review the chapter and reflect on the Observe, Judge, and Act pieces of the reading.

The Leader’s Meeting will start promptly at 7:00 p.m. in the Gathering Place in order to get the Leader Couples to the host homes by 8:00 p.m. to start the group meetings by 8:15 p.m. We know that babysitters are used by many of our members, and we want to get everyone home in time to meet those curfews and get the sitters home on time.

CFM Coffee & Donuts Hosting

Thank you to the Thornton group who will host coffee & donuts after Masses on December 16th.

Ongoing Group Action- St. Mark’s Collection & Delivery

The Trunk group is up for Sunday, December 9 monthly collection for St. Mark’s Food Pantry and the delivery to St. Marks which will take place on December 15. Sign up will be provide at your meeting. Please remember to bring in non-perishable food items Sunday the 9th between 8:00 am and noon.

Parish Mission

OLW will be hosting a Multi-Parish Mission with St. Edna, St. James & St. Mary parishes on January 14 -17. The theme of the Mission is “Together at the Cross: Connecting Your Faith to Real Life”, and the speaker is Fr. Peter Shavitz, a Redemptorist Preacher. Fr. Peter is an outstanding preacher and this should be an enlightening & invigorating four nights. Please plan on attending, invite others AND offer rides to those who might benefit.

We’ve added something new to the monthly announcement – a section of people to keep in your prayers and a section for faithful departed. For the first, if you know of anyone who needs prayers, pass them on to us and we’ll include them for the month (if you’d like them on the list for a subsequent month, please submit again).

Keep in Your Prayers

Jim Stapleton, Pete Odon

Pray for the Faithful Departed

Rita Mathews (Mary Piergalski’s Mother) 11/23/2018
Mary Lou Gorman 11/18/2018
Mark Schuldt (Jan LeTourneau’s Brother) 10/9/2018
Carol Matker (Christine Gilbert’s Mother) 4/30/2018

Thank you all for your participation throughout the year and have a great meeting!

Jim & Rose Sherry
2018-2019 CFM Chaircouple