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DMI Survey Results: You Spoke, We Heard You!

Date: May 14, 2024

In the spring of 2023, as we were emerging from COVID, the Archdiocese of Chicago initiated the Disciple Maker Index Survey. It was designed to provide parishes with insights on how they were performing, where parishioners were on their spiritual journeys, as well as the parish’s effectiveness in supporting them. Late last fall we received the Arch’s data tabulations.

There was a wealth of information to sift through and glean take-aways from. Nearly half (49%) of our regular mass attendees completed the survey. Thank you! Your voices provided important feedback and direction that will help shape our parish’s future planning and development. A deep dive into the data revealed key learnings (listed below), which will help guide our next chapter at OLW. Stay tuned as we continue to communicate how your input will manifest itself in the works and life of our parish, as we continue our journey together.

View our Key Learning Summary

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See how we scored on the Four Factors of a Thriving Parish

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FACTOR 1: Leadership Indicators

FACTOR 2: Sunday Experience

FACTOR 3: Spiritual Practices

FACTOR 4: Missionary Impulse

If you have questions, or would like to review the entire (76-page) Disciple Maker Index Survey Report, please contact pastoralcouncilchair@olwparish.org