Celebrate 70 Fun Fact: Our Founder & First Pastor

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Father Harold T. O’Hara walked out of the Chancery Office on June 30th, 1952, both happy and perplexed. While having a wealth of experience, being a priest for twenty-three years – assistant in four large parishes, two on the south side, two in the suburbs – he had just been given the daunting assignment of starting a brand new parish on the south side of Arlington Heights. Where to begin?

His mind quickly ran through the thousand-and-one things he had to do —  and quickly! How many families are there? Where will I get nuns? Boundaries must be set. Where can I get an altar and vestments for Mass? Where will I be able to arrange for Mas to be said? Where will I live? I’ll have to get committees formed and societies established! Whom can I get to teach the children catechism?

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