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Introducing Respect Life Corner, brought to you by the Respect Life Ministry at Our Lady of the Wayside.

ROE IS OVERTURNED: What does this mean for Respect Life at Wayside?

Since Illinois allows legal abortion and is likely to become the Midwest capital of abortion, work and prayer are needed now more than ever to end it. Each of us is unique and irreplaceable and created by God, so our goal is not only to end abortion but to make it unthinkable.

As Mother Teresa said, the question of when life begins is inescapable to the solution. “If the right to life is an inherent and inalienable right, it must surely exist wherever life exists. No one can deny that the unborn child is a distinct being, that it is human, and that it is alive.”

Our goal in The Respect Life Ministry is to spread the beauty of Mother Theresa’s statement through prayer and action in the coming months. We hope to further educate our youth in presentations on the importance of life as well as on the lies about abortion perpetrated in our culture. And, to show love and support for all those involved in the process of a crisis
pregnancy through help and prayer.

Some of this support will be through donations, webinars, prayer vigils at pregnancy centers, pro-life events and more. Please stay tuned to this bulletin, the OLW social media channels and the Wayside Wednesday email for additional information.


  • At 9:00 am before 9:30 Sunday Mass
  • On Thursdays at 7pm in the Parish Center
  • 8am Saturdays outside Access Health Center in Downers Grove. Or at 8am virtually to provide support to those who are present in Downers Grove


Email us to join!

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