Feeding of Five Thousand: Making Miracles Today

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A lesson that we can learn from the feeding of the five thousand is that Jesus is big enough for any of our expectations. Here, He surpassed expectations. He is ultimate. This means that Jesus provides every need and He exceeds. (Glory Dy)

10 Practical ideas to be a miracle maker today:

  1. As Jesus showed compassion for hungry can we help someone hungry for food or encouragement?
  2. Can we avoid looking down on others who are down on their luck, homeless, unkempt in appearance?
  3. We can look to resources and teamwork to accomplish tasks on behalf of others, and might even experience a good time giving.
  4. Can we listen for the nudge from God coaxing us to engage in some act of kindness and love?, big? Or small?
  5. Jesus sometimes uses children to help create miracles, like the gathering and sharing by a boy. Can we look to involve children in ministry outreach?
  6. How is our faith and trust? Can we pursue some act of giving believing that it will add quality to someone’s life?
  7. What is impossible for us as humans is within reach for God. God invites request for miracles.
  8. Some miracles take time and we wait in hope as our prayers are answered according to God’s will, not necessarily ours.
  9. God invites us as partners in making miracles happen. Like a dance, sometimes God is the lead, and sometimes we take the initiative.
  10. Love is the fuel of all miracles. To get fed is love. To be compassionate is love. To heal through miracle forgiveness is love.

Pass on love and pass on miracles!

~ Deacon Don Grossnickle

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