Advent Begins: Prepare For Jesus’ Coming

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1st Sunday of Advent – Year B

I would like to wish you all a happy new year! Today is the first day of a new liturgical year in the Catholic Church, and in today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks about His second coming, when He will judge the works of man.

There are many movies, books, articles, and shows that talk about the end times or guess when the world will end. Yet, for we who believe in Jesus Christ, knowing the precise day or year or way in which the world will end is not important. For us the most important is to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ coming. What does this mean?

First, it means that we should not be afraid. We should be at peace because our encounter with Jesus is an encounter with Someone Who loves us. Second, it means that we should strive to perceive God’s Love in our lives and respond to His Love by living in a state of grace, following the Commandments, and performing good works. We must strive to participate regularly in the Sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist, which are sources of unfathomable grace that will help us remain faithful to our resolutions, grow in a deeper relationship with Christ, and foster a firmer commitment to charitable works.

On this Sunday and throughout this Advent, I would like to invite you to take some time each day to spend with Jesus in prayer, in performing small sacrifices, and in loving others, particularly your loved ones. It is winter now. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. Many of you find yourselves at home in the evening with your families even more now due to the restrictions on socializing. This is a wonderful opportunity to seek the face of Jesus in your children, your spouse, or your parents. This is an opportunity to grow in stillness and silence. Such is the sense of awaiting Christ’s coming with trust and in simplicity and peace.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the First Sunday of Advent: Lectionary 2


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