FAREWELL & THANK YOU from Deacon Michael Madison and Mary Catherine McBride

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We have been so blessed to be part of Our Lady of the Wayside Parish for 28 years. We have raised our four children here, who are now spread across four time zones. We have celebrated many sacraments for them including marriage and baptism of their children. We have been privileged to participate in many ministries, community building and Christian Family Movement (CFM).

We have been ministered to when we were in need due to job loss, sickness, and death of family members. We were formed at Wayside, responded to God’s call, leading us to Diaconate Formation and Holy Orders, with the full support of the parish. We reflected recently on my ordination eight years ago. What a blessed day in our lives! We have been blessed to be of service to God and His people, especially here at Our Lady of the Wayside, our home.

God has His hand upon us. We have felt it in the past and feel it again as He is calling us to new ministry at Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana, ministering to young adults and helping them develop their faith lives and their relationship with Jesus.

Through our interaction with young people in baptismal preparation, marriage preparation, our youth group, school, and CFM, we are confident of the future of Our Lady of the Wayside as a vibrant parish, responding to the needs of its community. This parish will step forward to support a new pastor as we enter the challenge of a “new normal” of parish life. God is with us on our journeys. Of this we can be sure. Let us encourage each other to respond to Him with prayer and gusto.

Thank you for your love and support of our family. You are in our prayers.

Peace and love,
Deacon Mike and Mary

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