A Big Thank You To Volunteers From The OLW Parish Pastoral Council!

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Hello, I am Bud Trunk, representing the Parish Pastoral Council. I hope you are all safe and healthy during these unprecedented times!

Despite the current state of affairs, I’m sure you notice the true spirit of COMMUNITY CELEBRATION here at Our Lady of the Wayside! So many people work diligently to prepare for our shared hours together, and today we offer special thanks to all who volunteer their time, talent and treasure in ministries at Our Lady of the Wayside.

Under normal conditions, each week of the year, there are are a variety of parish activities that serve our large Catholic Community. We fulfill our parish mission in so many ways: preparing and leading our Masses, feeding the hungry through our food collections, arranging educational and fun programs, helping our school, R.E.P. and Youth Ministry kids learn about our faith, con-soling parishioners who are suffering, building community through social events, studying God’s Word, communicating our parish ministry offerings and needs, and many others. We thank you for your helping hearts and hands.

Over the past year, over 600 generous volunteers have helped in the 70-plus ministries in our parish! Isn’t it wonderful that we have so many opportunities through which we can serve God and our community? Perhaps this year you have been able to give only one hour of your time – we THANK you for that hour. Maybe you devote countless hours on a regular basis– we AP-PRECIATE your dedication. Many of our ministries are in need of some new helping hands – we INVITE you to seek new opportunities to serve in ways you feel called. And, we will be in need of many volunteers as we undertake the challenging job of re-opening our Church in the coming weeks.

Together, we will get through this current situation. And when we do, may you continue to be blessed as you volunteer in our ministries and help to make our Catholic parish a vibrant community of love and service offered in Jesus’ name. To every one of you who has given lovingly of your time, talent and treasure to Our Lady of Wayside, WE THANK YOU! I look forward to seeing you in person in our Church again in the near future.

God Bless!


Our relationships with other are a gift
From God and a measure of our stewardship
For God.

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