Do You Have A Favorite Recipe To Contribute To The OLW Cookbook?

Posted on April 28, 2020 by Published by
Our Lady of the Wayside is looking to keep its community connected to each other during this time of isolation. As such, OLW’s Christian Family Movement (CFM) is sponsoring an OLW Cookbook to be available to order later this Spring.
We are now gathering recipes, photos, and stories about how you and your families getting through this time, all centered around some of the cooking you are doing in your home. You are invited to contribute recipes via the website below, or alternatively email them to You can also email any family or recipe photos you may want to be included in the cookbook.
We are looking for any and all recipes that you have used during this time of staying at home.  Feel free to include any prayers you and your family say at meal time.  Please pass this on to any parishioners who may not be able to see this!

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