Father Arthur’s Homily for Easter April 12 – He Is Risen! Alleluia!!

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The beginning and the end, the past and the future, meet on this day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Christ died, but He has also risen! The Lamb of God was sacrificed on the Cross. The Lamb of God has resurrected. And the Lamb of God will come again at the end of the world. Christ came, He will come and He comes to give meaning to our lives and to our existence. Christ lives.

My brothers and sisters, our lives pass between the resurrection of Jesus and His Second coming. Our lives truly begin with the Resurrection of Christ and our lives will end with our second meeting with Him. Throughout our lives we experience darkness. Especially in the past weeks. At other times, however, we ex-perience that we are walking in the light of faith. Sometimes we feel like life is very easy. At other times, we experience confusion, and our faith relies on the witness of other people who believe in Jesus Christ Resur-rected – our faith relies on our parents, our friends, and our family members, who experience the presence of Jesus in their lives.

My brothers and sisters, the generations that come after us will also learn from our witness of faith. They will be affected by our choices and our actions. They will live according to our testimony.

On this Easter Sunday, when we renew our Baptismal promises, maybe each of us should ask himself or her-self: “Do I really believe? What kind of faith do I have? What kind of witness of faith do I give to my grand-children, my friends, my children, my parents?”

Today we hear in St. John’s Gospel that, when John ran to the tomb and saw it opened, he believed. He saw and believed. For John it was sufficient to see in order to believe. His faith began with the empty tomb. In turn, St. John has shared with us his faith in the Resurrection of Christ through his testimony of the Gospel. My brothers and sisters, each of us is called to live our lives in such a radical way that, when others see us, they too will come to believe.

During this Eucharist, my brothers and sisters, we have heard Christ’s voice in the Scriptures. During this Eucharist, we will see Christ hidden under the species of Bread and Wine. Therefore, my brothers and sisters, let us receive the Risen Christ with Joy. Let us see and believe, so that others will also come to see and be-lieve that Our God is eternal and that He invites us to Heaven. Amen.

Rev. Artur Marat

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