You Are Invited To Participate in the 2019 Giving Tree Collection!

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We invite you to join us again this year in making a difference for the individuals and families of St Mark parish who are in such great need. This year the families are struggling even more than past years. The need for warm clothes and food continues.

I would like to provide a brief explanation of how the Giving Tree works. St. Mark’s provides us with a list of families and individuals that need our help. The list includes people of all ages. For many of these families, the contribution from Wayside will be the only material gifts that they receive.

We are seeking to help make the holiday special for children, adults and families. With that in mind we have structured our method of giving to best meet their need. We ask that your gift be provided in the form of a gift card.  The gift card allows the parent to purchase exactly what their child wants OR needs. A gift card for an adult may provide for the purchase of much needed warm sweater or gloves.

Each envelope hung on the trees represents an individual that needs our help. Enclosed in each envelope is a slip for ordering gift certificates. You may purchase gifts cards on your own or use the slip to indicate amount of your gift and your choice of store. Return the envelope with your check and the slip completed and we will pur-chase the gift card through our school.

We ask that you place your return gift envelope in the boxes at the back of church near the Giving Trees or in the Parish office. The final date for gift return is December 8, 2019. This allows time for our gifts to be delivered to and distributed at St. Mark and allows the families time to shop.

Thank you for joining us in this beautiful expression of the Christmas Spirit.

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