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While OLW parishioners still complement the parish for the bright new looking following the 2018 church renovation (after 60+ years), those same parishioners are starting to notice improvements to the exterior areas of the church, particularly the grounds surrounding the church and adjoining buildings.

Much of the gardening “work” thus far has been done by young people in the parish: teen-agers and grade-schoolers from OLW families with at least one “green thumb” member.

Two of the leaders in the project are OLW teachers – Laura Doherty and Jane Strzyzynski – who both teach OLW kindergartners and have gardening passions.

Many of the perennials that students and other volunteers have been planting were donated by school families.

Other active volunteers have included the Bleeker Family, Stuber Family, Jane and Katie Strzyzynski, Jack Lewis and Sean Kenney. Marilyn and Joe Babiak have been maintaining the Mitchell Avenue entrance to the elementary school.

But there is still a lot that could be – and needs to be – done.  Interested volunteers (green thumbs helpful, but not required) may contact Laura Doherty at:

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