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2019 Paschal Candle

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Father Dan Brady’s June 2, 2019 sermon was about the Paschal Candle.  He explained the various markings on the candle as he walked around the church and showed them to the congregation.  The first photo shows Holy Saturday when the markings were placed on the candle and it was blessed for the 2019 Easter Season:

  1. The cross is the central symbol, most clearly identifying it as the Paschal candle
  2. Greek letters Alpha and Omega signify that God is the beginning and the end (from the Book of Revelation)
  3. The current year represents God in the present amidst the congregation
  4. Five grains of (most often red) are embedded in the candle (sometimes encased in wax “nails”) during the Easter Vigil to represent the five wounds of Jesus: the three nails that pierced his hands and feet, the spear thrust into his side, and the thorns that crowned his head.

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