Deacon Don Uganda Mission Trip Update

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Our work is going very well here in Uganda East Africa. Yesterday, we visited some of our Cows Against Malaria farms. Tomorrow, we connect with our third clinic, Nakifuma, with Aunt Teo the Director and Everlyn the Asst. Director.

Microfinance Alliance Africa Projects Foundation is providing challenge grants of $1000 each to stimulate grassroots sustainable innovation for 5 clinics from donor/sponsors. Bed nets are a priority to protect children.

From the 18 pregnant cows loaned at Christmas 2007 we passed on a mostly grown Heifer today to a neighbor. This is how our Cows Against Malaria grows. The first family raises the baby calf who passed the ($800) value loan to a qualified neighbor.

We met with farmers leaders giving milk to our Biikira clinic to encourage them to help pay the $20 medicine, blood, IV, kit it takes to save a mom or baby with advanced malaria.

Exciting, emotional, challenging, and rewarding.

Ahead, I have three more clinics to visit and discuss local update and receive dreams for addressing local challenges and dreams.

LEFT: Local children in Kkonge villages enjoying food gifts from parish initiatives.

RIGHT: Coffee and bean crop plantation being planted in Kkonge offering sustainable self-sufficiency using fertilizer from MAAPF projects and grant for bed netting and local farms that can generate funds for medicine.

Please keep Deacon Don in your prayers to give him strength, good health and keep him safe. 

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