MINDLESS EATING – Posted by Kathy O’Neill, RN, Parish Nurse

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Breakfast. A second cup of coffee. A mid-morning snack. Lunch. An afternoon snack. An after work snack with a glass of wine. Dinner. Dessert.

Dr. Parimal Sura, an internal medicine physician at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, IL says many people underestimate how calories add up over the course of a day. He recommends paying attention to what and how much food you’re eating as the best way to manage calories.

Dr. Sura offers these tips for being mindful about how much you’re eating:

Sit down while eating. Focus on what you are doing and avoid multitasking, whether it’s watching television, catching up on work or talking on the phone.

Chew intentionally. Make sure you are chewing each bite well enough to the point that you are not struggling to swallow, which is an indication you are moving too quickly.

Breathe between bites. Instead of “inhaling” your food,  take your time and give yourself breaks while you are eating.

“These are all often easier said than done, but the best tip is to just practice being mindful,” says Dr. Sura.

Prayer: God, slow me down so that I can fully enjoy
the blessing of food that you provide.

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