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Volunteer Thank You

Good day! I am Mandy Dillon, Pastoral Associate of Our Lady of the Wayside. As you heard at the beginning of Mass, this weekend of June 23-24 we are making a special effort to thank all of our many volunteers at Wayside.

Have you ever noticed how many things around here “just happen”? Every Sunday, the choir, altar servers, ushers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, and even the decorations are in place and ready to go. Everything we expect, and maybe even take for granted, is here and ready for us to enjoy. Behind the scenes, there are also many parish activities and events that seem to “just happen”. Whether it be housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, clothing the needy – or fundraising for Our Lady of the Wayside – all of those things happen here. We are so fortunate to have so many parishioners that volunteer their time and talent to make these things happen.

Our church has had to stay current with technology, and so we have a web page, a Facebook page, and a weekly email newsletter. This all happened through parish volunteers. We have both a school and a Religious Education program where we have numerous volunteers that help our children succeed in school and in life. These things and so many other ministries and programs here are run by our many parishioners.

It’s amazing how many people have given their time and talents to “make things happen” here. Over the past year, more people have volunteered than you can imagine. It may mean that a parishioner donated canned goods to the St. Mark’s collection or helped for an hour at our yearly service day or even prayed for those in need. Each one of you is in a different place in your life, living with different demands vying for your time. It may be that right now you can only give an hour of your time, and we THANK you for that hour. Others of you devote countless hours on a regular basis to one or several ministries, and we THANK you for your dedication. God recognizes all efforts and offerings – big or small, weekly or hourly.

So on behalf of Father Ed, our parish staff, and the Parish Pastoral Council, I say THANK YOU to every one of you who has given your time and talent to Our Lady of the Wayside to make things happen.


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