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Church Renovation-March 21

Easter Sunday, the most significant day in Church history – in human history, in fact – is only days away. As we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we also are preparing to celebrate the reopening of our church.

Many – perhaps most – of our parishioners have been paying attention to the progress of the repair and renewal project through the reports in the weekly Bulletin, or online through the almost-daily photo reports.

Some of you may even have taken a peek at the progress if you’ve attended Daily Mass in the Gathering Place or had other reasons to be in the church.

On behalf of the entire OLW family, I want you to know we are very excited with the progress that has taken place, and will continue to take place, for the next few weeks.

The new lighting system, which was installed earlier this month, is going to please anyone who has complained about how dark the interior of the church has been.

The new pews – which are darker than the old pews – have been installed and I am sure they will be comfortable and “splinter-free.”

While the interior design of the church has been enhanced and improved, OLW parishioners will feel at home when you enter for the first time and find “your” place. It’s probably right where it was before, or perhaps a foot forward or back.

Some things will be as they were before. The organ in the choir loft is being renovated and it might not be reinstalled for a few more weeks.

While new exterior doors (they open and close easily!) have been installed on the north and south sides of the church, there are still some finishing touches needed on flooring and carpeting.

I mention this to you to bring you as up-to-date as I can, but I want to alert you that we MIGHT miss our Easter Sunday target for reopening the church.

As of this writing, we have under two weeks to go – and it seems as if we have closer to three weeks of work to be finished.

While it is likely that we COULD have Easter Sunday Masses in the church, we are not going to do that until we are as close to 100% complete as possible.

If we try to push too hard in order to meet an Easter Sunday deadline, we may be delaying some repairs that could force us to continue to celebrate Sunday Masses in the Mackin Center.

I mention this to you because we don’t want to pull any surprises on you.

I remain optimistic that we will be in the Church on Easter Sunday but we are not going to take any foolish shortcuts that will extend the inconvenience many of you (including the Pastor and staff!) will experience.

Please pay attention to reports and updates that we will circulate on an almost-daily basis between now and Easter, (and hopefully not beyond Easter!). The Bulletin, Wayside Wednesday, and the online updates will hopefully keep you advised.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Father Ed Fialkowski Pastor, Our Lady of the Wayside


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