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Church Renovation-February 18

It’s hard to believe but the OLW church repair project is nearing the half-way point and thus far, it remains on schedule.

During the past ten days, workers have begun some of the “first coat” painting of the ceilings that are not covered by wood (the lobbies, cry room, sacristies, etc.)

And early this past week, painters began painting some of the decorative trim that marks the arch over the sanctuary. Parishioners will notice a more dramatic trim color - dark blue - when they see it in person. Photos in the Bulletin and on-line do not adequately highlight the change.

Another “painting” project involved one lonely worker who sprayed blue paint on the now-bare concrete floor in the church. His job was to locate the heating cables that are under the floor and mark them so that floor and pew installers will know where “not” to drive nails or screws.

So as of early this week (February 14), the project is on time and on target for completion.

Repairs to Our Lady of the Wayside Church continued on schedule this past week as workmen began applying new paint to the walls of the church. Slightly different “accent” colors will be obvious to parishioners when the church is re-opened at the end of March.

Father Ed Fialkowski Pastor, Our Lady of the Wayside


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