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Church Renovation-February 4

Our Lady of the Wayside's three-month long effort to repair multiple aspects of the church moved into the second phase last week when OLW Pastor Father Edward Fialkowski removed the "Danger, Asbestos" sign from the front door of the church, opening the door for a variety of repairs and improvements to the church, including new pews, a new sound system and new lighting.

Late March - in time for Easter - remains the target time range for re-opening of the church. In the meantime, Sunday Masses are being celebrated in the Father Mackin Center gymnasium and daily Masses and Communion Services are being celebrated in the Gathering Place.

The OLW Bulletin, Facebook and Wayside Wednesday will provide virtually daily progress reports as the church repair project proceeds.

Among the changes OLW parishioners will see, in addition to a new floor and new pews, will be new chandeliers to provide better lighting. A new sound system also will be installed, including a "looping" system to better accommodate parishioners with hearing problems.

Father Ed Fialkowski Pastor, Our Lady of the Wayside


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