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Men's Golf
Season:April 19 to September 6, 2017
Where:Arlington Lakes Golf Course
1212 S. Wilke Rd.
Arlington Heights
Tee Times:Wednesday afternoons
Walk-up and form your own foursomes from 3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Play alternates between nines each week (Front one week, back the next). Black tees will be used except for Seniors (ages 70-79) who will use the Blue tees and Super Seniors (80 and over) who may use the forward White tees.
Greens Fee:$19.00 Resident and $21.00 Nonresident
Membership Fee:$190 Regular Membership Fee
Plus $5 extra For Inclusion in "Hole-in-One" Club (prize based on number who join!)
Plus $19 extra for inclusion in weekly "Closest to Pin" (prize is based on number who join!). Two par 3 holes will be part of this Club each week and the prize money is divided among them.
Note: Membership is now closed. But we are taking substitutes again this year. Subs are not members so are not eligible to play in the Best Ball or Final events, but are welcome to play golf on all other weeks. Former/substitute members are welcome to join us at the Best Ball dinners. You will receive dinner and drink tickets for a fee of $10, payable to one of the officers at the event.

Forms with information for 2017 are below. Please download them and save them for reference during the season:
Revised Dates for Best Ball Outings:May 31, June 28 and July 26

Best Ball Fee and Cash Prizes Included in Membership Fee
Put together your foursomes with team handicaps calculated by League Statistician
Dinner only on August 30.
Final Outing:Sunday, September 10, 1 p.m. Shotgun Start; arrive no later than noon!
Arboretum Golf Club
401 Half Day Rd.
Buffalo Grove
Final Outing Fee and Chance at Prizes Included in Membership Fee
Social hour and dinner after golf

CLICK HERE FOR 2017 FINAL OUTING FOURSOMES (updated September 9 at 12:30 p.m.) 
NOTE: Golfers in each group are listed in order of pairing in carts (i.e. golfer 1 and 2 are together, golfer 3 and 4 are together); contact Andy Pozdol if this results in an incorrect pairing and the order will be adjusted!

If you have questions or changes or need to sign up, contact Andy Pozdol before September 6 as we must give a count to the course on that date.



Par 3 Hole #14 at Arlington Lakes








The Men's Golf League gives an annual donation to Our Lady of the Wayside as its service to the parish.


Rainbow at Arlington Lakes 11th Hole


League Average for Nine Holes 2017:  48.68

Distribution of Average Scores 2017

A (<45)18
B (<50)35
C (<56)26
D (<64)11
F (64+)2


Weekly Low Score 2017

April 19Dan O'Grady40
April 26Mark Mlynski38
May 3Dan O'Grady42
May 10Dave Fitzsimmons42
May 17Dan O'Grady34
May 24Bill Cleary, Brian McGuire, John Vincent41
May 31Best Ball
June 7John Vincent38
June 14John Vincent36
June 7John Baker, Mark Mlynski39
June 14John Vincent36
June 21John Vincent37
June 28Best Ball
July 5John Vincent38
July 12course flooded
July 19John Vincent37
July 26Best Ball
August 2Tim Quenan36
August 9John Vincent36
August 16Dan O'Grady38
August 23Tim Quenan34
August 30Dan O'Grady35
September 6Dan O'Grady, Tom Seisser, John Vincent38


Closest to Pin Winners 2017

April 19 #3Ed Lydiksen
April 19 #8Dan O'Grady
April 26 #11Jim Mitchell
April 26 #14George Lynch
May 3 #3Mark Ammer
May 3 #8Mark Ammer
May 10no winners due to rain and insufficient players
May 17 #14John Vincent
May 17 #17Rich Syversen
May 24 #3Bob McDonald
May 24 #8Dale Bartkowiak
May 31Best Ball
June 7 #3John Carroll
June 7 #8Mark Mlynski
June 14no winners due to rain and insufficient players
June 21 #8Robert M. Smith
June 28Best Ball
July 5 #3Dan O'Grady
July 5 #8Bob Rimsky
July 12course flooded
July 19 #3Dimitri Neckopulos
July 19 #8Ed Lydiksen
July 26Best Ball
August 2 #3Jim Stapleton
August 2 #8Larry Gorman
August 9 #14Dave Fitzsimmons
August 9 #17Rick Guyon
August 16 #3Jim Stapleton
August 16 #8Robert E. Smith
August 23 #11Brian McGuire
August 23 #14Kevin Meehan
August 30 #3Joe Julius
August 30 #5Robert E. Smith
September 6 #14Dimitri Neckopulos
September 6 #17Bob Wayne


21st Century Hole-in-One Winners

August 19, 2015Hole #4
(Highland Woods)
Ed Dubiel
September 16, 2012Hole #13
(Randall Oaks)
Dan O'Grady
June 16, 2010Hole #2Rick Guyon
April 30, 2008Hole #17Jamie Helm
July 7, 2004Hole #2Jeff Miller


Chipping on Arlington Lakes 13th hole


Best Ball Winners 2017

May 31
Longest Drive #18 Ages < 50Pat Ryan
Longest Drive #18 Ages 50-55no winner
Longest Drive #18 Ages 56-61Dave Fitzsimmons
Longest Drive #18 Ages 62-67Tom Seisser
Longest Drive #18 Ages 68-74no winner
Longest Drive #18 Ages > 74Jim Stapleton
Closest to Pin #11Jim Stapleton
Closest to Pin #14Jim Szymczak
Closest to Pin #17Mark Mlynski
1st Place Team/ScoreN.Barry, D.Bartkowiak, K.Meehan, J.Szymczak / -3
2nd Place Team/ScoreR.M.Smith, J.Vincent, C.Voss, B.Waigand / -3
3rd Place Team/ScoreJ.Julius, N.Loughery, P.Viken, I.Warner / -3


June 28
Longest Drive #18 Ages < 50Eric Staffa
Longest Drive #18 Ages 50-55Dan O'Grady
Longest Drive #18 Ages 56-61George Lynch
Longest Drive #18 Ages 62-67no winner
Longest Drive #18 Ages 68-74Gene Cunningham
Longest Drive #18 Ages > 74George Leonard
Closest to Pin #11Robert M. Smith
Closest to Pin #14Tom Hopkins
Closest to Pin #17Tom Lenz
1st Place Team/ScoreL.Gorman, T.Lenz, G.Leonard, D.O'Grady / -8
2nd Place Team/ScoreJ.McIlwee, D.Neckopulos, T.Quenan, J.Szymczak / -3
3rd Place Team/ScoreR.M.Smith, J.Vincent, C.Voss, B.Waigand / -1


July 26
Longest Drive #18 Ages < 50Pat Ryan
Longest Drive #18 Ages 50-55no winner
Longest Drive #18 Ages 56-61no winner
Longest Drive #18 Ages 62-67Bob Rimsky
Longest Drive #18 Ages 68-74John Vincent
Longest Drive #18 Ages > 74George Leonard
Closest to Pin #11Tom Hopkins
Closest to Pin #14Tom Hopkins
Closest to Pin #17Lionel Lenz
1st Place Team/ScoreD.Anderson, N.Barry, N.Loughery, R.E.Smith / -6
2nd Place Team/ScoreL.Gorman, T.Hopkins, T.Lenz, D.O'Grady / -5
3rd Place Team/ScoreS.Longstreet, R.Peterson, T.Quenan, P.Ryan / -4


Final outing 2006



2017 Final Outing Winners

September 11
Longest Drive Ages < 50Eric Staffa
Longest Drive Ages 50-55Rick Boyle
Longest Drive Ages 56-61Paul Viken
Longest Drive Ages 62-67John Sullivan
Longest Drive Ages 68-74John Vincent
Longest Drive Ages > 74Tom McDonnell
Closest to Pin #5Missing
Closest to Pin #7Missing
Closest to Pin #14Bill Cleary
Closest to Pin #17Jim McIlwee
Longest Putt #9Missing
Longest Putt #18Bob Rimsky
Low GrossBill Raleigh-81



Free 2017 Membership DrawingTom King
 Paul Leanes
 Pat Ryan


Hole in One DrawingMark Ammer
 Bruce Jancovic
 Kevin Meehan
 John Sullivan
 Grant Trunnell



Blind Bogey-72George Leonard
 Robert M. Smith



Chipping on at hole #4 at Arlington Lakes



2017 is our 60th year!
Click on the 50th logo for selections from our 50th Anniversary booklet.
This is a rather large (2MB) PDF file that will open in a new window.




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